Red Hood & The Outlaws TPB  Vol 01 Dark Trinity
Red Hood & The Outlaws TPB Vol 01 Dark Trinity, $16.99


(W) Scott Lobdell
(A) Dexter Soy
(CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith

Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood, has been many things - a Robin, the Red Hood, even dead! Now he's back, and he's embracing his bad side! With his new status as a villain, Red Hood plans to take down Gotham City's underworld from the inside. Joined by a fallen Amazon named Artemis and a half-baked Superman clone named Bizarro, this dark trinity is about to discover the line between hero and villain isn't easy to find! Collects RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1-6 and REBIRTH #1.
Date Available: 04/26/2017

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