Xena Warrior Princess #3 (2019) ganucheau virgin variant
Xena Warrior Princess #3 (2019) ganucheau virgin variant, Out of Stock


(W) Vita Ayala
(A) Jordi Perez
(CA) 1:30 Variant

The Warrior Princess and her travelling companions are trapped in the Mirador Basin of Mexico! Xena (who's not great at being ordered around) is ordered to steal a feather from Quetzalcoatl in The Temple Of Q'uq'umatz. She doesn't want to (see earlier note), but the alternative is being trapped in the Basin forever…so let the magical feather-questing commence! By VITA AYALA (Shuri, Wonder Woman) and JORDI PÉREZ (Rumble)!
Date Available: 06/12/2019

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