McCandless & Company Crime Scenes

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(W) J. C. Vaughn
(A) Gene Gonzales, Various
(CA) Matt Busch

Carey McCandless and Jessica Williams are private detectives from two very different walks of life. Each has her own strengths and weaknesses, habits, opinions, convictions, foibles, virtues, and vices. They're also best friends. If they can't make it together, it would be a crime. In fact, it probably will be anyway. McCandless & Company: Insecurities is a series of snap shots of the earliest days of their partnership, with art by Gene Gonzales, Harry Roland, Ben Dale and Chris Chua, with pin-ups by Matt Busch, Billy Tucci, Michael Avon Oeming, Robert Hack, and others. Cover by Matt Busch.
Date Available: 03/10/2021
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