Peter Cannon Thunderbolt

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(W) Fred Van Lente
(A/CA) Jonathan Lau

Dynamite's martial arts millionaire action hero returns in a high-adrenaline reimagining! The last surviving member of an order of mystics (who have fully unlocked their brains' potential!) arrives in New York City to confront the renegade master who destroyed his teachers - and his parents. Peter Cannon discovers this 'hidden one' has enmeshed himself in the city's elite and mark's Peter for death! Unfortunately for his enemies, though, Peter is the fabled lightning vessel of the awakened, whose strike collapses time and defies even death itself…he is the living thunderbolt!Writer Fred Van Lante (Die!namite) teams up with artist Jonathan Lau (Vampirella Strikes!) for this action-packed extravaganza!
Date Available: 11/16/2022
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