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by Melanie J. Morgan, Tod Smith & Al Milgrom
"Breakup Blues," Part 3. The third part of a new four-part story in the "realistic style" - and this time, Moose and Midge's romance hangs in the balance! The unbelievable has happened: Midge and Moose have broken up! Now Midge is seeing Reggie while Moose is dating Judy Johnson. Needless to say, the status quo of Riverdale High's circle of friends has been shaken, but the former couple's friends aren't giving up hope. Betty and Archie have a plan to get Midge and Moose talking again. Will it bring the former lovebirds back together or drive a further wedge between them? They say the road to regret is paved with good intentions - are Betty and Archie just what the doctor ordered or have they gone too far? Now the stakes are higher, as not just romantic relationships but lifelong friendships hang in the balance!
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