Captain America and the falcon madbomb TPB
Captain America and the falcon madbomb TPB, Out of Stock

Written by JACK KIRBY. Frank Giacoia, D. Bruce Berry

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Published: July 2004 Reprints: Captain America vol. 1 #93-100
152 pages
King Kirby was back - and greater than ever! The year was 1975. The great American Bicentennial was fast approaching - but would it be a time for joy, or the moment of this country's greatest danger? In this timeless tale, never before reprinted, Captain America and the Falcon embark on a vast, desperate search for the most malignant conspirators in our history - and their insidious creation: the Madbomb! On the 200th anniversary of the United States, America will die - and only Cap and the Falcon can save it! Plus: Captain America stands alone against an army of underground killers! It's cataclysmic Kirby action in the mind-boggling Marvel manner!