Criminal #2 (2019) second print
Criminal #2 (2019) second print, $3.99


(W) Ed Brubaker
(A/CA) Sean Phillips, Jacob Phillips

'THE LONGEST WEEKEND': Archie Lewis was the artist's artist in his heyday, although that's not what he's famous for. He's famous for being a nightmare to work with-and dangerous. So when an old assistant is forced to chaperone his one-time mentor to receive his lifetime achievement award, well… let's just say things don't go well. As always, CRIMINAL contains back page art and articles only found in the single issues.
Date Available: 06/19/2019


"You got your Criminal in my thinly-veiled comics history!" "You got your thinly-veiled comics history in my Criminal!" Relax kids, it's both, and it's good for you too! Brubaker and Phillips tell a hard boiled yarn that features a comic convention, original art, animation cells, and dames dressed up like from the magazines. Highly recommended for those who find junkies heroic, fans of Dave Sim's Glamourpuss, and anybody that remembers conventions smelling like old socks.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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