Daredevil #84 (1998)
Daredevil #84 (1998), $5.00


Written by Ed Brubaker, penciled by Michael Lark, cover by Tommy Lee Edwards.

We've all seen Daredevil pushed too far, seen what happens when he pushes back, and we know it always ends in tears. Now, with the death of Foggy Nelson plaguing his every waking moment, Matt, blaming himself, runs wild in Rykers, determined to find out who put his best friend at the end of a knife. This is Daredevil as you've never seen him before, unplugged from his own sense of right and wrong, alone in the cold walls of the system he's spent his life defending, and the only thing on his mind is vengeance!


How does Ed Brubaker do it? He's doing everything Bendis used to, but twice as fast and twice as clever. This thing took off like a rocket with Part One, and by Part Three that rocket met another rocket and had a baby rocket that's as fast as like THREE rockets and then Bullseye showed up and then Kingpin showed up and then Daredevil had to fight Hammerhead and Ben Urich and Dakota North tried to find out who the other Daredevil is and the last two pages ARE SO FREAKING COOL I just wet myself a little. Sorry, I just... this book is so great. Even better than his Cap stuff, if you can believe it. Oh, oh, and Michael Lark is just as good! Gotta go, I'm about to read this again (in new pants!). 9 Grahams

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