3162 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657
Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm
Wed: 11am-8pm
Sat: 11am-7pm
Sun: 12-6pm
STORE PHONE # (773) 665-2010
  • Between Belmont & Briar - on the same street as Reckless Records!
  • No one else in Chicago has as many back issue comics as this location!  Modern, Silver and even some Golden Age books! 
  • We also BUY comics!  We set aside every Thursday to look over the goods you bring in!

  Born and raised in that dark shadow-y place from the Lion King (suburban Ohio), Blake enjoyed a life of country music and wearing plain, identical outfits every single day. Then one lazy Sunday afternoon, while snooping through his brother’s things in search of contraband candy bars, he came across Detective Comics #665 and thought “This is the single most insane thing my bland eyes have ever seen and I don’t want to look at anything else ever again!” Thus began his descent into the world of comics.

Now as an adult, Blake's obsession has only grown. He has since given up grocery shopping to better use his walk-in pantry to house his thousands-strong collection of comics and graphic novels, or as he calls them, "friends". His actual social interactions are usually reserved for sharing his vast knowledge of DC, Marvel and Teen Dog to better serve other comics fans at the Lakeview Graham Crackers and the world over.

DAN BROUWER - Assistant Manager
  A well rounded American natural, Dan has been selling comic books to other humans for most of his adult life.

Dan can be found sorting, cleaning, and alphabetizing piles of comics and collectables in multiple corners of the store most days of the week.

His nerd foci include pre-Episode 1 Star Wars continuity, green/red Magic: the Gathering agro decks, 8-bit Nintendo games, and vegetarian cuisine.

Dan also thinks the Scarlet-Spider is the best Spider-Man because sleeveless blue hoodies are on trend this season.
Lakeview Graham Crackers Comics invaded by Turtles

Lakeview Store Testimonial

my name is Jono Rodriguez.  I used to frequent at your Graham Crackers location before moving to Texas.  First, let me just say that I miss your store terribly.  **** **** is the worst comic store ever, especially the one that is closest to me.  Only one of the seven employees that work there are even remotely interested in comics or collectables.  The others are either between ages 16 and 24 and ONLY care about Magic cards or a fare-weathered mother or a "guy who just needs a part time job."  Their back issues are boardless and awfully organized, if you really call cramming all the A's, B's, C's, etc. into several long boxes organization (as in no titled separations - just alphabetized).
I think the best thing about Graham Crackers is the separation of companies (Marvel, DC, Indy, etc.) which you don't see in nearly any comic stores.  I still order online when I need a comic I can't find at the, yes, TWO comic stores in a twenty mile radius.  And the shipping is super fast.  I'll order it late Wednesday night and receive it on Saturday morning.  Fastest shipping service ever.
But I digress.  It's easy to like a comic store, but it's not until you leave that comic store and go to a much lesser comic store before you love that store.


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