Naperville Graham Crackers Comics store

1271 Rickert Drive, Naperville, IL 60540
Store Hours
Mon-Thur: 11am-7pm
Wed: 11m - 8pm
Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12-5pm

STORE PHONE #  (630) 355-4310

Actually located on 75th Street in Naperville between Rt. 53 & Rt. 59.

Nestled proudly between BUFFALO WINGS & RINGS & some TILE SHOP!    If you try and find us on RICKERT Drive -- you'll be driving all day.



Absolutely NO ONE in Illinois has
more Golden Age/Silver Age and Modern back issues than this store!! 

Feel free to e-mail all Naperville related inquiries to:

Mike Wall - Manager

While hiking in a remote forest of Tokyo, Japan a young Mr. Graham happened upon a young man lying half dead in a giant, mysterious footprint. He was intrigued by the young man. Who spoke English, but who's lips when moving were not in sync with what he was saying. The rescued very hairy young man was flown back to the states, taken under the Graham wing, ensconced in the world of comics and now manages the highly coveted post of the Naperville store. To this day, Mike Wall still carries a pair of tiny twins in his pocket that sing to him when he misses Tokyo.

Dawn Stormtrooper

She was working as a waitress in a intergalactic bar when The Graham met her. He picked her out and shook her up and now she works here.

Rev. John Sharples

Dubbed our spiritual leader, he guides us all with a reassuring hand. Master of processing. Entrusted with the bagging & bording of the sacred golden & silver age texts of The Graham. Able to answer the questions of the ages! He went to the mountain, and brought us down the Torta! Bless you John Sharples, bless you!

Meet the Magic Gang!

Okay, ignore the guy in the middle.  I'm so slow at updating these photos that he has since quit. (what? I know, right?)
   That leaves you with the Buddy Brothers. Robert & Dennis constantly buying, trading and restocking our Magic selection!


                               Naperville Store Testimonial:

I used to love comics as a kid, and wanted to share that experience with my daughter. I brought her into the Naperville store, and it has quickly become our favorite place. AMAZING selection of comics - kids', modern, indie, back issues, golden and silver age, and trades. Mike and his team are friendly, knowledgable, and very helpful; making recommendations, navigating some of the more labyrinthine numbering systems, and getting me caught up on the decades I've been away by tracking down more than a thousand back issues over the past two months.

My daughter and I are both hooked - on comics, and on Graham Crackers.

Two new customers-for-life,
Eric & Abby S.

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