115 W. North Street Normal, IL 61761
Store Hours
Tue: 1pm-7pm
Wed-Fri: 11am-7pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm
STORE PHONE #  (309) 451-8240
  • Located in gorgeous UPTOWN
  • Right between two spectacular RECORD SHOPS (Waiting Room Records & North Street Records)
  • Walking distance from FREE PARKING at the Uptown Station!
  • Finally a full service comic store in Normal, IL.
The store manager at the not so normal Normal, IL location.  Loves long walks on the beach, and singing in the rain. Wait nevermind, wrong bio... Loves to read most things and can talk shop all day long! Just come on in and ask away!

 Hey I’m Mike. I’m a big fan of comics that get dark and gritty at times. Ones that have a bit of crude humor are great as well. Immortal Hulk, the Boys, and Batman White Knight are a few of my top picks.
  Shane is a former Plainfield native, currently a student at ISU. Shane started his love of comics at an early age reading The Simpsons comics, but it was the first time reading The Watchmen that he started seriously reading comics. Shane is also a cinephile, a hardcore gamer and curator of the useless knowledge in his head, feel free to ask him any questions, if he doesn’t know, google surely will.

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