115 W. North Street Normal, IL 61761
Store Hours
Tue: 1pm-7pm
Wed-Fri: 11am-7pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm
STORE PHONE #  (309) 451-8240
  • Located in gorgeous UPTOWN
  • Right between two spectacular RECORD SHOPS (Waiting Room Records & North Street Records)
  • Walking distance from FREE PARKING at the Uptown Station!
  • Finally a full service comic store in Normal, IL.
The store manager at the not so normal Normal, IL location.  Loves long walks on the beach, and singing in the rain. Wait nevermind, wrong bio... Loves to read most things and can talk shop all day long! Just come on in and ask away!

Nicole is a former Art Major and Napervillian who grew up loving three things; Poison Ivy, Comics, and Dinosaurs. You'll find her living the dream in Normal, IL while going to school at ISU to eventually go on to study Paleontology (becoming the new Alan Grant). She will one day use her skill set to do genetic enhancements to bring back Trilobites so she can walk them on a leash. Don't ask. Longtime dream. She also does the shadow art in the light panels and will one day (YES, ONE DAY) fill all the light panels with more works of art. So stay tuned to see who will appear next! You'll see her nearly every day of the week at this Graham Crackers, either working or just popping in to bug the Bossman Connor.

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