Over 20 years in the same location! Right behind the First National Plaza and 7-11! Next to Fox Bowl, 3 stoplights east of Danada/ Rice Lake shopping center.

Feel free to e-mail all WHEATON location related inquiries to: rickberg@grahamcrackers.com

Staff Info

  • Rick Berg - Conscience of the Graham Crackers!

    The towering offspring of a Frost Giant and an Asgardian princess, Rick suffered through a wonderfully spoiled childhood full of action figures and comic books. When he came of age, he began his slow raise to power by working at the Naperville then Aurora then Bolingbrook then Wheaton then Naperville then Darien and finally Dekalb Graham Crackers. Sadly he was bitten by a troll with rabies on a trip to San Diego and lost the power to smile and to say no. Now after the Final Siege of Blackest Fear Point Secret Crisis War he was forced from barbed corn fed happiness to the land of tons of wheat and fuzzy beards. But beware as there is always someone in need of smiting with a vary large hammer and Rick has the most hammers of them all!

  • Steven Banas the prodigal son of Wheatongard!

    A long time ago in a Wheatongard far far away a young clean shaven Steve, once known as the greatest Wheaton employee of all time, left the Graham for the alluring "real world." Now many lifetimes later a far stronger bearded Steve has returned to reclaim his former home from lazy workers. Come visit and say hi Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. He will say hi right on back !

  • Wilson the 7th Shockwave of Chris!

    Who knows what's good? Who sells what's great? Who recommends things he hasn't read? Whose knowledge conquers all? Who would buy an apple to see if he wanted an orange? Wilson! Wilson! Wilson! Wilson! and Wilson! The second best Wheaton employee ever. Stop by on a Sunday and bask in his Wilsoness!

  • Ben Imbeau the Lord of the 50 cent bins!

    Young Ben is our very talented and spirited helper every Monday afternoon. Full of pride and honor Ben one of the fastest 50 cent comic book makers in the chain, he is always ready at a moments notice to strip bags and boards for your savings. And just as quickly Ben can whip up some fresh bags and boards to keep your new comics in Near Mint condition!

  • Josh Lawrence proves he is no Jason!

    Formerly a deadbeat customer, Josh has used ice cream, candy and tear stained bribes to get a job. Maybe. Not really. Who cares? He's here most Thorsday nights. Stop in and make fun of him. We do. Especially because he doesn't buy comics anymore!

Store Info

1207 E. Butterfield Rd.; Wheaton, IL 60189
(630) 668-1350

Between Route 53 & Naperville Road on Route 56 (Butterfield Road). We're on the second level. There is an elevator to the West and the stairs to the East.

RIGHT near the COLLEGE of DuPAGE one of the LARGEST junior colleges in the 48 states!

Store Hours

Monday - Friday: 12pm-7pm
Wednesday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm