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General Instructions

  • How do I subscribe?
    • Sign in to your account.  If have not set up a standard account for ordering, you can set this up here .
    • Once signed in, go to the My Account link at the top of the page.  From there, you will see a link that says My Subscriptions
    • From here you will need to enter the following information:
      Credit Card
      Billing Address
      Shipping frequency.
    • Be advised, if there is no card on file, the subscriptions will not be set up.
    • You are authorizing Graham Crackers Comics to charge your credit card for each shipment of the titles that you subscribe to.
    • To set up the titles you would like to subscribe to, On the blue header bar, click the Subscriptions link.
    • There will be two sets of search boxes.  The Subscription Search will search for all ongoing and mini-series.  The Specialty Item Search will search for all One Shot and Trade Paperbacks that you may wish to subscribe to.  Searches can be narrowed by with the Publisher drop boxes to narrow the search down between MARVEL, DC Comics & Independent titles.
      Once you search for a title, simply click the check box next to the titles you would like and click Subscribe.
      You are now set up for new release pulls for the given title!
    • If the title you are looking to subscribe to has not been released yet, the upcoming new subscriptions can be subscribed to from our Subscription Pre-Order page 
    • If there is a title you would like to subscribe to that you cannot find via the pre-order page or the subscription search, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist in helping set you up for the title.
      PLEASE NOTE:  New subscription titles can only be set up once they have been solicited through Diamond Comics Distributors Monthly Previews Catalogues.   These solicit upcoming product 2 months in advance.

    • Can I subscribe for In-Store pickup on the website if I don't want mail order?
      1. Unfortunately no, all in store subscriptions are currently being handled in store only.
        Each store can be contacted directly via the managers e-mail address located on each of the stores dedicated page on our website.  Click on STORES at the top of the screen and select your location from the drop down menu, on there you will find manager contact information and store hours/information.
      2.  Any changes to your store subscriptions must  be made either in person or via e-mail to the stores above, but not through the website.
  • Can I subscribe to more than one copy of any title?

    From your My Subscriptions page under your account, You can select any quantity desired for any title. For example, you may want 2 copies of Saga but only 1 copy of Batman each month.  If a title is released with 50/50 cover splits, and you are down for 2 copies, you will receive 2 copies of what the publisher considers the Standard cover as the split cover is considered a variant cover.

  • How To Add A Non Subscription Item to your Pending Subscription Order.

    Say you see an older back issue, or a book you have not (or do not plan on subscribing to but would like to try out first), You can add it to your Pending Subscription Order by simply adding the item to your cart and click “checkout”.  On the checkout page simply review the information and select the option to Ship With My Next Subscription Order and complete checkout.  This will add the item to your pending order.  You will not be charged for this item until your order is set to ship (based on what you have set up on the Subscription Account Page.)


  • How do you handle variant covers?
    • If you are interested in receiving variant covers of a title - we now have the option to subscribe to those as well.
      On your My Subscriptions page, on your list of subscribed titles, to the right the subscription Quantity box you will see a drop box with 5 options to select from:
      [] No variants
      [] variants $10 and under
      [] variants $25 and under
      [] variants $50 and under
      [] all variants regardless of price  (Be advised this will subscribe you to even the most expensive variants.  If you have a set cutoff regarding how much you are willing to spend above the $50 mark, please contact us)

      If you choose a qty. of 1 and select variants $10 and under for a title like Fantastic Four (for example) and Marvel releases a regular cover, a 1 in 10 cover priced at $6.99 and a 1 in 50 priced at $29.95, you will end up with 2 copies of Fantastic Four that month. The regular copy and the 1 in 10 copy, but not the 1 in 50.  Subscribing to a variant does NOT guarantee your receiving the variant.

      Subscribers get preferential treatment as all variants are first handed out to them, but some variants are so rare (1 in 700 for example) that we simply can not get enough copies to cover ALL CUSTOMERS.
      We will take into factor how long you've been a subscriber and when you signed up for the title in determining who is to receive the rarest of the books.

      If you see a specific variant you would like to add to your order (for example you just want one specific variant, not every single one under the price point you have selected) see the instructions for adding non subscription books to your order below.

      Any changes to your variant pulls, such as if you would like to sign up for variants, or change your price point cutoff, these changes must be made The Tuesday One Week Before Release.  This will allow us to adjust the inventory and secure your copies.  Any changes made after this point will not reflect on your account until the following week.
  • When will my charge card be charged?
    Your credit card will not be charged until we process your order for shipping.  You are only charged for the books currently being shipped to you.  The rate at which you are charged is what you set up on your subscription account or at Six months, depending on which comes first.

Shipping Information

When and how often will my titles ship?

New comics are released and shipped every Wednesday. An order will be shipped to you each Wednesday if you opt for weekly shipping.  Bi-Weekly or Monthly will happen accordingly.  If you opt for ‘wait for 12 books’ we will NOT ship until you’ve received at least 12 titles in your hold box. Any pending orders will automatically be charged if they have not run in Six Months.  All comics that are mailed out include a bag & board, the only exceptions would be comic sets or comic grab bags (bulk comic purchases).

What are the shipping rates?

Domestic: Flat $5 total within the U.S.  (Please note:  The Free Domestic Shipping for orders over $75 does not apply to subscription orders.  Only standard orders)
International: $32.50 total for up to 12 books, most countries allow GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL which is our first shipping choice. 

Will you ship internationally?

Absolutely!  Unlike most on-line stores we do.  Everywhere.

Modifying Orders and Personal Settings

How can I add or delete titles from my subscription?

  • Titles can be added via the Subscription search page or by clicking the subscribe link underneath a title on the main website.
  • To remove titles from your pull list, On your Subscription Account page, simply check the box under Cancel and at the bottom of the list, click the Cancel Marked Subscriptions button.
  • If you have a title you accidentally added to your order, or no longer are interested in, please contact us via email at

What is the deadline for modifying my subscription?

  • Deadline to make changes: If you want your changes to be effective immediately with this week's releases, submit them before Monday 7:00AM Central time. Otherwise, your changes will take effect with the titles released the following week.
  • If you can not find what you need on-line, e-mail your request to us and we'll make the change for you.
  • As variants and changes to quantities are an additional option, any changes to your variant pulls, such as if you would like to sign up for variants, or change your price point cutoff, these changes must be made The Tuesday One Week Before Release.  This will allow us to adjust the inventory and secure your copy/Copies.  Any changes made after this point will not reflect on your account until the following week.
  • To confirm the status of any other changes that you make in your subscription, refer to 'My Account' on the website.
  • TTo quit your account - simply click Unsubscribe to All Subscriptions at the bottom of your Subscriptions page.   Any items currently in your cart will be charged and shipped to close out the subscription.


Thanks for reading through our FAQ section.  If you have any other questions feel free to click on the email us at a href=""> and we'll handle your question in a timely manner.


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