Deathstroke #44 (2016)
Deathstroke #44 (2016), $3.99


(W) Christopher Priest
(A) Fernando Pasarin
(CA) Cam Smith, Giuseppe Camuncoli

'DEATHSTROKE: RIP' starts here! Deathstroke is dead, secretly killed at the hands of a Teen Titan. As Slade's closest friends, enemies and frenemies pay their respects (and disrespects) to the World's Deadliest Assassin, some uninvited guests crash the event-the Legion of Doom! But what do they want with the body of the most lethal man on the planet? And will anyone find out who killed him? A brand-new storyline begins here…with an ending you won't see coming! RATED T+
Date Available: 06/05/2019

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