Comic Book Grab Bags
Comic Book Grab Bags, $1.50

10 RANDOM COMICS per pack.
Note These Can Not Be Shipped Priority Mail

Limit 7 packs per order please, can only ship in U.S. via economy mail.

You will never get ALL INDEPEDENT comics - I make sure there's a decent mixture.
You will NOT find AMAZING FANTASY #15 in these random packs, but you will get an amazing bargain at 15 cents per comic.
If you only end up enjoying one or two comics, it's still a spectacular deal!
Mostly OVERSTOCK from recently bought collections!
Hope you enjoy!
FUN to try!

Only ships within the U.S. and please note that this is a sample scan of one of our randomly made packs.
Please note some comics may not be suitable for all ages so please check before giving to kids!

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